Sunday, 21 July 2013


Hello there,

This evening I decided to do a spot of baking, so I grabbed my ingredients and a cup of tea (of course?) and so then it became bake o'clock!

I decided to bake a Victoria Sponge here's the ingredients (I used a recipe from the YouTube channel 'RelishNetwork'):

- 3 eggs
- 170 grams self raising flour
- 1 tsp baking powder (I didn't do this step)
- 170 grams caster sugar
- 170 grams soft margaine
- 1 tbsp warm water
- butter and icing sugar for the butter cream filling

Cuppa tea at the ready - in my lovely mug

Once you have measured out all the ingredients for the Victoria Sponge, you then need to place all your ingredients into a bowl and mix mix mix!

Mix mix mixing... starts to look a little something like this:

and then this:

Now time to get messy and grease the baking tins!

Next - time to pour your ingredients evenly into the 2 tins, like so...TADA!

Stick between 20/25 mins on the cooker at 170 degrees and you're ready to cook.

Up next on my list was the buttercream filling, I measured out 280 grams of icing sugar and 140 grams of butter. I had a little too much buttercream icing however, so less icing sugar is needed! Half way through I added some hot water.

Beep beep, after I had made the buttercream the cakes were ready to come out and cool

 Leave the cakes to cool and then add the buttercream.
I didn't leave enough time and the buttercream got a little 'sloppy' (to put it nicely).

The end result should look a little something like mum and I then sat on our balcony and ate a slice of cake. It was so very yummy and fluffy, accompanied of course by another cup of tea.

 Thank you for reading.

Hope you enjoyed bake o'clock

Han xxx

Saturday, 20 July 2013


 Hello/good evening,

I have just rushed upstairs grabbed a cuppa and am now excitedly typing out my blog post, to tell you about my trip to my new favourite place...SOUTHWOLD!

I live in the North, therefore the trip to Southwold took 5-6 hours, the reason for this trip was that my Brother was going to his first festival, Lattitude and my mum wanted to take him, just to make sure he was safe, and of course I was 'dragged' along for the ride.

The B&B we decided to stay in was called 'Sutherland House' ( and I HIGHLY recommend. It was very friendly, although not too 'B&B' like, more like a mini hotel. My mum and I stayed in the 'Earl Of Sandwhich' room...I think it was called. It was beautiful (pictures attached, scroll down!), and had the most magnificent bath I has ever seen in all my 17 years!

The view from our room

The BEAUTIFUL bath...

Lovely little details

My dream is to live in a barn conversion, so I just had to take a picture of the ceiling. Swoon.

Southwold is most famous for its Beach huts, and I can see why. They came in every colour under the sun, looking inside each of them was my favourite thing to do *sorry owners*.

The famous beach huts

I want one!

"Hello? anybody in?"

The little restaurant we ate in - lovely staff

The hallway in our B&B

Tea making facilities - bonus points for this.

2/10 for this movie - not my cuppa tea!

Waiting for the bath to fill took 40 mins, worth it!

Patiently waiting for the bath to fill up...

A little purchase - Laura Gravestock heart ring <3

We only stayed for one night, but what a lovely little night we had! It is somewhere I would love to visit with friends, it has great 'cute' shops and a variety of restaurants to chose from. I probably wouldn't stay for longer than a weekend however, as it is very small, although Southwold you left me wanting more.

I could go on...but I think that's enough for one evening.

Thank you for reading/scrolling through my pictures!

Han xxx